Observation Hive

Chapter 1 -- The Pivot

The key component in the pivot is a simple 1.5" x 6" plastic sink flange. Mine is from Home Depot, but they are universally available.

To install it, you need two bits, 1.5" and 1.75", that will bore a flat bottom hole. Forstener bits work well, but a spade bit could work as well. Use the 1.75" bit first to cut the resess for the flange in the bottom board of your observation hive. Bore it on the inside of the hive.

Next, use the 1.5" bit to bore the rest of the way through, centered in the previous hole. Be sure to use a backer board to limit tearout as you bore through.

When you are finished, it should look like this.

Now, take some paste wax, or bees wax, and wax the hole well. This provides the bearing surface for your pivot.

Use the 1.5" bit to bore a hole through the support for your hive.

A piece of plastic or a waxed wood block to act as a spacer will make the hive pivot smoothly.

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